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Clean your Car this Summer


Willington Lakes Phase 1 Blog, Orangeburg, SC  Get your car nice and clean with our tips for cleaning your car this summer at our apartment community car wash station.

It feels great to climb into a clean car every morning before you head to work or school, whether your car is brand new, or if you’ve had it for a while. Taking care of your vehicle is a simple task that can make a huge difference! In this week’s Willington Lakes Phase 1 Blog, we’ve got some tips for how to get — and keep —your car clean for the summer! We invite residents to take advantage of our car wash station located right here at our Orangeburg, SC apartment community.


Give It a Wash

If you haven’t give your vehicle a wash recently, it’s likely that it’s covered in dust and dirt from your regular commute. Break out the hose, the car wash soap, and some microfiber towels for a deep clean! After washing your car, remember to rinse it from the top down. (Doing it this way ensure that the grit and dirt will be picked up by the liquid and soap and dragged down by gravity.) Rinse out your microfiber washcloth often so you’re not smearing dirt and contaminants around that can scratch your car’s surface. Once you’ve completed the initial rinse, you can use a clay bar to remove contaminants and dirt that may be embedded into your car’s paint.  



It’s normal to keep necessary things in your car, but that isn’t an excuse to have random items scattered all over your car. It gives your car an untidy look and can detract from the overall aesthetic. Invest in a car organizer so you can keep all the necessary items in one easy-to-reach spot. While you’re at it, you may also want to get an organizer for the trunk too. While you’re organizing your car, remove any trash and place a lined trash can in your vehicle so you know where to place your trash. Change the liner every week, and you’ll have a clean car!


Detail the Interior

Many people focus on the exterior of the car and rightly so because it’s the part of the car that everyone else sees. But, don’t forget to take care of the interior too. If you’re going to be giving anyone a ride, or if you’re an Uber/Lyft driver, you will want to maintain a clean car interior. Take the time to vacuum the floor mats and seats, wipe down the doors and console, and even go as far as to shampoo your seats if they require it. If you detail well, your car can have new life and even look like a brand new car on the inside!


What are your tips for cleaning and maintaining your car? How often do you use our car wash station? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading today’s post.