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Decorate Your Apartment for Halloween

Halloween decorations including skulls, pumpkins, and fall leaves and sticks

Welcome to the month of October from Willington Lakes Blog! To help you get in the Halloween spirit, we’re sharing some festive decoration ideas for your Orangeburg, SC apartment. Whenever you have time this week, consider following some of these tutorials so that everyone who enters your apartment this month gets excited for Halloween.

Floating Witch Hat Luminaries

Make your own whimsical floating hats by trying this tutorial. You’ll need witch hats, fishing line, a needle, LED light sticks, tea lights, or glow sticks; safety pins, and command hooks for the lights. They look great even with the lights turned off, but turn them on for a magical effect.

Wall Spider Web

Create your own large fake spider web on an inside or outside wall of your house, or better yet, on your front door! All you will need is some white, gray, or silver yarn, scissors, some double-sided tape, and a few fake spiders for the final touch.

Cat Face Garland

Make an eerie garland composed of black cat faces that stare at you with glowing eyes. Poke twinkling lights through the eyeholes to make the eyes. Warning: crossing paths with this garland may bring bad luck. What you will need: a string of twinkling lights, black cardstock, black waxed twine, scissors, and a cat face template

Candy Corn Wreath from Woman’s Day

This colorful and festive wreath is made from a styrofoam wreath wrapped in black duct tape and pieces of candy corn hot glued onto it. Attach a black ribbon, or any color you’d like, to easily hang it on the front door of your apartment. 

Bat-Filled Front Door from Country Living

Create the illusion that bats have taken up residence in your home with this bat-tastic covered front door. To make it you will need black felt, scissors, a bat template, and an adhesive that won’t damage your door. Or if you don’t want to make your own bats, you can buy already made bat decals

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