DIY Repurposing Projects

Willington Lakes Phase 1 Blog, Orangeburg, SC — Instead of throwing out your old and broken household items, repurpose them into something better.

In today’s Willington Lakes Phase 1 Blog, we’re looking for new ways to repurpose the items in your apartment. Far too often when things are broken or old, they get thrown into the trash. Here are just a few things you can do with those broken, or well-used, household items. We hope you enjoy your month here in Orangeburg, SC!


Transform old vintage suitcases into pet beds. If you have an old suitcase sitting around the apartment, it could be turned into a new bed for your pet. After removing the top of the suitcase, adding the padding and material is simple. You can even add legs to the bottom of the suitcase to give it an extra touch of style.


Create pedestal picture frames from old candle sticks. Candlesticks are perfect for transforming the appearance of your small picture frames. Simply paint the frames and candlesticks to match, then glue them together.


Turn an old dresser into a new bench. An old dresser can be perfectly repurposed into a bench. While this is a bigger DIY project that might take some time to finish, give it a try! If you have the time and resources then it’s definitely worth it!


Use old clothespins to make jewelry. Do you have a bunch of clothespins lying around? Why not use the springs to make stunning jewelry? This is a simple project that takes little time to finish and lots of time to enjoy. See what jewelry you can come up with.


Turn an old wicker basket into a recycle bin. Repurposing a wicker basket into a recycle bin is quite simple. All you need to do is place a waste basket inside for the recyclables. It’s one of the easier projects to do, but it looks great!


What success have you had repurposing the items in your apartment? Let us know in the comments which project is your favorite, and what you’d still like to try out.


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