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Have a Bonfire

a group of people sitting around a bonfire in the woods at night

Did you host a bonfire this summer? Before the season ends, make this a priority!

Bonfires are a good end-of-day activity on a nice summer weekend, where you can spend some time with friends out of your apartment and around a fire under the stars! In this week’s Willington Lakes Phase 1 Blog, we’ve come up with a couple tips to help you better enjoy a bonfire here in Orangeburg, SC.


What’s a bonfire without some fireside snacks? Due to the casual nature of the bonfire, you want to avoid preparing full meals, so consider bringing snacks that are easy to handle and don’t require too much clean up. Hot dogs are a good idea if you’re looking for something more filling — just don’t forget the buns and condiments! If a meal isn’t what you’re looking for, try bringing the fireside favorite: S’mores! Graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate are all the ingredients that you need for this delectable treat!


What do you do around a fire? We suggest avoiding any activity that involves physical play, as it can be dangerous around the fire. Opt for more tame activities like telling scary stories around the fire or bringing some music or a musical instrument. Playing music allows the group to sing along or bob their head to the beat of popular music. If you have kids around when telling scary stories, be aware of their tolerance of frightening things and tone it down for them.  


When the night is through and the fire has died down to embers, it’s time to clean up. Regardless of the spot where you hosted the bonfire, leave the area better than when you arrived. Bring trash bags and throw them away in the proper places. Don’t forget to extinguish any remaining glowing embers!