Houseplants for Your Apartments


Willington Lakes Phase 1 Blog, Orangeburg, SC — Houseplants can create a fresh feeling for your apartment. Check out this week’s blog post for a list of houseplants for your space!

Having houseplants in your apartment can create a beautiful and fresh feeling, not to mention they can purify the air. In this week’s Willington Lakes Phase 1 Blog, we’ll be sharing a list of some houseplants that would look great in your space. Have a great month here in Orangeburg, SC!


Grape Ivy

Grape Ivy is a beautiful plant that looks great in a hanging basket. They generally require low-light and need to be watered consistently during growing season. Learn more from the link above.


Cast-iron Plant

Cast-iron plants are another variety of plants that require very little care. They can tolerate low temperatures and very little light.


English Ivy

You know a plant is good at purifying the air when NASA recommends it. English Ivy grows pretty easily, looks elegant, keeps your air fresh, and doesn’t take too much care to thrive. This is the perfect plant to keep in your living room or in a well-lit kitchen.


Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreens are hardy plants that can tolerate a variety of living conditions. Just make sure that you don’t overwater them. This can lead to root rot. Allow them to live in a warmer environment that is somewhat humid.


Dragon Tree

The Madagascar Dragon Tree is a pretty plant that will look great in your space. These trees do well in an average lit and dry environment. Just make sure that you don’t overwater the plant because this can cause root rot.



Orchids produce beautiful flowers in a variety of colors depending on what plant you buy. Orchids can be tricky to care for, but if you learn what they need and when they need it your orchids should thrive in your space.



Succulents are a popular item to grow indoors. They require very little care and look beautiful. Buy a variety of them for a fun succulent garden that will look great on your windowsill.


Do you have any houseplants? If so, let us know what they are in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


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