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Instagram Photography Tips

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Are you on Instagram on a regular basis browsing or posting? If you’re a regular on the app, you’ve probably come across some accounts that you find yourself drawn to due to subject matter of the account or the beauty of the photography. In this week’s Willington Lakes Phase 1 Blog, we’ll share with you some photography tips that will help you up your Instagram game!


Since you have limited space to work with on Instagram, how you compose your photos can have a profound impact on how your photo turns out as well as how your Instagram feed looks as a cohesive account. Part of composing great photos is understanding angles and even utilizing the Rule of Thirds.


Once you’ve learned how to compose a photo, you’ll have to consider the lighting of the area you’re taking photos in. When a photo is overexposed, the result will be blown out (brighter than it should be) and lacking detail, whereas an underexposed photo will be dark.

If you’re a beginner, you should try taking photos during the golden hours (the hours right before sunrise and right before sunset) for great photos! Lighting is an important aspect of photography to understand, as it can accentuate certain features and give your photo a more drastic look. It’s impossible to understand lighting from text alone, so we suggest practicing and figuring it out as you go!


Many people restrict themselves to the confines of the app for photo taking and editing, but we recommend taking photos outside the app and editing them before porting them into the app. You may not be a photographer by trade and Photoshop might be a foreign language to you, but learning the basics can take your Instagram game to the next level! Play around with editing software to find the right settings and then apply them to your photos!

Do you have any photography tips? Share them with our Orangeburg, SC apartment community and help us out with our Instagram game!