New Year, New Hobbies

Willington Lakes Blog, Orangeburg, SC — January is National Hobby Month: a great time to start something new. Try one of the following hobbies.

It’s a new year here in Orangeburg, SC, so celebrate by starting something new. January is also National Hobby Month. In today’s Willington Lakes Blog we have some ideas for hobbies to start this month. We hope you get a chance to try something new!


Gardening. This is a great hobby to start in your apartment. Buy some indoor-friendly plants, learn how to take care of them, and benefit from their beauty and air-purification.


Fishing. Fishing is a relaxing activity that anyone can learn. Learn the basics of fishing from Zebco and get outside in the fresh air this year.


Birdwatching. Another relaxing activity, birdwatching can be fascinating as you learn about the wildlife in your area. Learn the basics from Birds & Blooms.


Sewing. A practical hobby, sewing can be fun and satisfying, whether you just learn to hem your favorite pants or if you learn to sew a new outfit or costume. Learn basic sewing stitches for beginners to start.


Making Origami. Origami is a hobby that can be quick and fun to learn. If you love shapes and creating things, try it out this month.


Painting. The hobby of painting can have a wide variety of paths to take. Try watercolor or acrylic for starters. If you have experience in those areas, try oil painting for a challenge.


Playing Guitar. Musical instruments are always a great hobby to start. It’s a timeless hobby that can benefit those around you. Take a class or find a teacher to get started.


Trying Calligraphy. BuzzFeed’s 8 tips for anyone who wants to learn calligraphy and hand-lettering can help you on your journey of beginning calligraphy. Try out their tips and get started!


Journal Writing. Writing in a journal can be emotionally and intellectually satisfying. Take time to write down thoughts and experiences to keep your memories alive.


Harmonica. The harmonica is a fun hobby that isn’t too common, but that can be a great hobby for anyone wanting to learn a new musical instrument.


What are your hobbies? Share them with us in the comments below!


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