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Recommit to Your Resolutions


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How is your New Year’s resolution coming along? If you’ve fallen off the wagon, don’t feel too bad, as you’re probably not the only one. Resolutions are difficult to achieve, especially because life gets busy and unexpected things may come up. In this week’s Willington Lakes Phase 1 Blog, we’ll share with you some ways to recommit to your resolutions and get back on the wagon to make some positive, lasting changes.

Evaluate Your Progress

If you made a resolution in the new year, you’ve probably attempted to achieve it, so we suggest evaluating your progress. Taking the time to think about how far you’ve come in achieving your resolution can help you see that you were making progress and change was happening prior to you falling off the resolution wagon. You can be your own inspiration when you know what you’ve achieved so far!

Make Necessary Changes

Now that you’ve experienced 3 months of your year, you have an idea of how life is in this new year. With that knowledge, you can make the necessary changes to your resolution, taking into account how busy your life can get. Hopefully these changes will make it easier for you to achieve the resolution you’ve made.

Write It Down

As with your initial resolution, writing down your altered resolution can help you commit to it better. A physical copy of your new resolution allows you to refer back to it when necessary. We suggest putting this physical copy up in a place that’s visible in a part of your home that you use regularly, like on the bathroom mirror or in the kitchen.


We hope these tips help you recommit to your resolutions so you can make positive lasting changes in your life. If you’ve got ways you recommit to resolutions, leave a comment for our Orangeburg, SC apartment community to help us out!