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Self-Care Tips for the New Year

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There will be plenty of days this year where you might feel down or depressed. In this week’s Willington Lakes Phase 1 Blog, we’ve decided to share with you a few self-care tips to help you make sure you’re being taken care of. It’s important to look outside yourself and help others, but not to the point of neglecting your own well-being.

Treat Yourself

If you’re a generous person, you can find yourself constantly thinking about and reaching out to others. Whether it’s in the form of gifts or text messages, the focus is usually on ensuring someone else is happy. Be nice to yourself once in a while and treat yourself. Go out of your way to purchase something nice that you’ve always wanted, buy that extra dessert you’ve been craving, or even letting yourself sleep in! Putting yourself first every once is a good thing, so treat yourself!

Alone Time

Social interaction can be taxing, especially if it’s unwanted or forced interaction. Sometimes it’s good to just shut the world out a little. It’s okay to set aside some time to do something you’ve always wanted to do, like watch a movie or read a book! If you’re more introverted, this alone time can help you recharge your energy to deal with more social interaction in the future. Self-care takes understanding how you deal with stress and how you recharge your energy.


Sometimes our stress comes from how connected we are to technology. Since technology keeps us in the loop and exposed to other people’s social media profiles, we can find ourselves constantly comparing our lives to others. We recommend taking some time and disconnecting from your device and focusing on yourself. It can be a good time to implement the first two tips we’ve listed in this blog!

Self-care is an aspect of life that is easily neglected, so we hope this blog brings the needed attention to taking care of oneself this new year. If you’ve got any self-care tips, share them with our Orangeburg, SC apartment community!