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Summer Movies

A rustic, makeshift backyard theatre

On a hot day in Orangeburg, SC, it can be miserable to go out. Stay cool this summer by staying in and watching some fun movies! If you’re working a full-time job or attending school, it can be difficult to enjoy the summer, which is why we’re sharing a few summer movie suggestions in this week’s Willington Lakes Phase 1 Blog so you can live vicariously through the characters!


“Gerry (Aaron Schwartz) is not looking forward to his summer vacation, since he'll be spending it at a camp for overweight boys in order to shed pounds. Fortunately, a kindly couple, the Bushkins (Jerry Stiller) ] (Anne Meara) ], run the camp and make the process fun and relaxed. However, they're soon forced to declare bankruptcy and sell the camp to Tony Perkis (Ben Stiller), a fitness fanatic who turns the camp into a living nightmare of over-the-top training. But the kids plan to fight back”

Mamma Mia

“Donna (Meryl Streep), an independent hotelier in the Greek islands, is preparing for her daughter's wedding with the help of two old friends. Meanwhile Sophie, Donna's spirited daughter, has a plan of her own. She secretly invites to the wedding three men from her mother's past in hopes of meeting her real father and having him escort her down the aisle on her big day.”

The Parent Trap

“In this update of a 1961 film, twins Annie and Hallie (Lindsay Lohan) are strangers until happenstance unites them. The preteen girls' divorced parents, Nick (Dennis Quaid) and Elizabeth (Natasha Richardson), are living on opposite sides of the Atlantic, each with one child. After meeting at camp, American Hallie and British-raised Annie engineer an identity swap, giving both the chance to spend time with the parent they've missed. If the scheme works, it might just make the family whole again.”


Enjoy these movies while hanging out in your apartment during a night in! Thanks for reading.