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Swimming Tips

A lifesaver by a pool

Summer is here and the weather is going to be hot. Take advantage of the warm weather here in Orangeburg, SC and jump into our cool and refreshing swimming pool at our apartment community. Before heading out to jump into the water, we want to make sure you’ve prepared yourself to be as safe as possible. In this week’s Willington Lakes Phase 1 Blog, we’ve got a few safety tips for you. 

Brush Up on CPR.

You don’t have to stress yourself out, but having basic knowledge of CPR and first-aid procedures can help soothe any fears you may have about getting to the pool or taking care of children. The peace of mind that comes from being capable of handling an emergency situation ensures that you can focus on having fun. It’s best to know how to use CPR and not need to use it than not knowing it at all. 

Be Aware of the Small Dangers 

Of course, there are small ways people can get hurt at the pool. Wet pavement can lead to slips, bruises, and scrapes. Practice walking, and not running, with your kids. Teach them to stay away from suction outlets and drains so no hair or clothing gets caught in them. Swim with a buddy, and know where those you’re swimming with are at all times. If you know the potential for danger, you and your children can easily avoid it.

Be Mindful of Others

It’s easy to focus wholly on the fun you’re having and not consider what everyone else is doing. Be mindful of others and make sure that your fun doesn’t interfere with the fun of others! Be aware of where the others you’re sharing the pool with are so you can avoid bumping into them or interfering with their fun. 


It’s time to get out of your apartment to enjoy the summer!