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The Perfect Picnic

A group of people having a picnic while the sun sets.

Did you know that August is National Picnic Month? In honor of this month-long celebration, our Wilmington Lakes Blog is here to help you plan the perfect picnic. Spend some time out of your apartment this month enjoying the beautiful sunshine and summer weather Orangeburg, SC has to offer.  


Choose a date, time, and place. 

Sometimes the fun of a picnic comes from being spontaneous. But however far into the future your picnic will be, you still need to decide on a concrete time and place for it. This will lead to you thinking about who you want to include, which will determine the scale of your picnic, and inform all your later decisions. Confer with your fellow attendees and choose a time that works for everyone. 


Pick a Theme. 

This isn’t essential but it can be a fun way to make for a more memorable picnic. Having a theme will also give you more direction when it comes to choosing your menu, decorations, and attire for the picnic. Themes can be anything, ranging from a simple, classic picnic to a rainbow unicorn themed picnic.


Choose the menu. 

Decide what kind of food you want to have at your picnic. If you’d rather not be the one to make/pay for everything, give everyone in attendance an assignment for something specific to bring. If you are having a themed picnic, you will probably want to choose food that goes along with that theme. 


Gather the Essentials

There are a few essentials you won’t want to forget when it comes to your picnic. Make a list of things like a picnic blanket, utensils, plates, napkins, containers, etc. You can also search for picnic checklists online to help you out and ensure you don’t forget anything super important. 


We think that having a picnic is the perfect way to celebrate the summer before it ends! Thanks for reading our post. Happy National Picnic Month!