Tips to Enjoy the Pool this Summer


Willington Lakes Phase 1 Blog, Orangeburg, SC — Get out and enjoy the sunshine and water by taking a dip in our apartment community swimming pool.

As summer rolls around the corner, so does the warmer weather. It’s a perfect time to break out the swimsuits and head to the pool! In this week’s Willington Lakes Phase 1 Blog, we share some tips to better enjoy your pool experience at our apartment community here in Orangeburg, SC.


Safety First

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the lasting enjoyment of our community swimming pool is dependent on this tip. Keep in mind that running around the pool is not only hazardous to children, but to adults as well. Be mindful of others when enjoying yourself and try not to be excessively rough. If you’re using the pool with children, teach them proper pool etiquette and to watch for the things that could cause harm, like suction outlets and drains.


Dress Appropriately

If you’re going to spend time poolside, it’s a good idea to wear a swimsuit. If you’re one who is bothered by getting wet in your street clothes, this tip is for you. Cannonballs, water fights and unexpected dunkings happen around the pool, so don’t get caught in your nice clothes sinking to the bottom of the pool. As an additional tip to dressing appropriately, leave electronics and valuables away from the poolside and out of your pockets.


Play Games and Bring Music

If you have children, playing some fun, family-friendly pool games can keep them occupied and safe from the dangers of horsing around. Though mostly for children, games like Marco Polo can be a source of fun and hilarity for adults.


Playing music is sure to liven the pool party, and give people reasons to dance and sing along. With music, the sunbathers who refuse to enter the water can enjoy themselves and not be antisocial by donning headphones.


Do you have any tips for enjoying time at the pool? Leave a comment for us down below. Thanks for reading and enjoy the warmer weather!

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