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Valentine's Day for Singles

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If you find yourself single on Valentine’s Day, it can make your February 14th a day devoid of fun, as the holiday celebrates couples and love. It’s time to reclaim Valentine’s Day and make it a day that everyone can celebrate! In this week’s Willington Lakes Phase 1 Blog, we’ve got a few ways for singles to celebrate Valentine’s Day! If you happen to be single, we hope you enjoy this blog!

Spend It with Friends

It’s really easy to look at yourself on Valentine’s Day and feel let down that you’re not spending it with a significant other. Chances are, if you’re alone on February 14th, there are bound to be some of your friends who are in the same position you are. Find out who these friends are and invite them to hang out!

Dinner for One

In order to have a great Valentine’s Day, you can head to your favorite restaurant for a meal just for yourself! To make the most of the day, we suggest going to an upscale restaurant and splurging on a delicious meal. Fancy dinners aren’t meant for couples only! You deserve a nice meal even if you’re single, so treat yourself!

Spa Night

Taking care of yourself is important. Many people treat their significant other to a spa day to make them feel good, so why not treat yourself to a spa day and make yourself feel good? Whether you’re getting a massage, facial, manicure, or pedicure, enjoy a day at the spa and let yourself be pampered! A day at the spa could be just what you need to have a better year and help you refocus on the things that are truly important!


Activities that are common on Valentine’s Day aren’t exclusive to couples, so we suggest reclaiming them for singles! If you’ve got other ways to spend Valentine’s Day as a single person, let our Orangeburg, SC apartment community know by leaving a comment!